Small Animal Division of the IEBWA


The IEBWA requires and upholds the same professional and educational standards for its small animal practitioners as it does for our equine practitioners. 

Membership of the  Small Animal Division of the IEBWA is open to students and graduates of an approved canine sports massage programme that meets the same educational standards as the equine sports massage programme.

Like the equine division, the small animal/canine division was established the vision of promotion of high professional standards Canine Body Workers and canine sports massage practitioners.


  •  To foster and support the training of suitable persons as Canine Body Workers and to support, help and protect qualified Canine Body Workers


  • To maintain a register of qualified Canine Body Workers who are membership and to make canine body work by qualified practitioners available to the general public


  • To be the coordinating and organising body for the maintenance of contact between all Canine Body Workers affiliated with the Association


  • To provide a discipline and code of professional and ethical conduct for members of the Association, and to ensure that the required standards are maintained



Within each of the IEBWA's International Divisions is also a Small Animal Division


As with our equine members, the IEBWA requires and upholds the same professional and educational standards for it's Small Animal Practitioners, with a strong emphasis on anatomy and physical science. Some practitioners also utilize TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Accupressure, Craniosacral Therapy, and Nutrition. 

Our members are well educated, professional, are required to maintain continuing education credits, accept a code of ethics, and are insured. Our schools are approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and the IEBWA.



Look for the CCBW letters after the members’ names on each country of the International Divisions

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Contact your local division for more information